People & Place

Liz Lowe draws on the richness and tensions within humanity, urban life and the natural world by working with everyday and mundane materials to respond to current and personal issues. Her work is sometimes participatory making use of found or location specific materials.

She focuses on surfaces, layers and textures to capture transitory or ephemeral moments, feelings and ideas attempting to solidify them as cast Bronze and Aluminium or retain them in malleable chicken wire mesh, delicate textile or embossed and printed paper.

The process and materiality of making underpins the outcome. Her work teeters between 2D and 3D as she experiments between media to capture imprints from life using time and duration, routine and pattern as a metaphor for the resilience and transience of life itself. The realisation of the idea, the work required and the ultimate solidity or fragility of the artwork emphasises the poignancy of the gesture or feeling itself.

Liz Lowe is based in London working from her studio at the Thames Side Studios, Thames Side Print Studio and London Sculpture Workshop. She exhibits individually and with the Perhaps? Collective. She has increasingly focussed on foundry casting from nature into Bronze and Aluminium. Her ongoing project TERRITORY is an exploration of the beaches of UK prompted by Brexit and running alongside the UKs withdrawal from the European Union from summer 2017-summer 2019. Her first solo exhibition TERRITORY at Lumen Gallery, London from December 2017-March 2018 shows the initial wall based works from this project – plaster sculptures, bronze & aluminium casts, prints and found items.